Plastic Thomas Orchestra

Thomas Schüler and I founded Plastic Thomas Orchestra in 2016. Our goal was to combine Thomas’ experience in classical music and mine in electronic music. To reach that goal, we use classical masterpieces and reinterpret them with electronic parts. Over time we will increase the number of originals. Thomas always plays the Piano and the Violine, to make the music sound more lively. I do everything electronic to make it more powerful. We hope to expand our team with more awesome musicians in the future.

At the moment, I’m just working on Plastic Thomas Orchestra. You can find all our information about us at


Here you can find all music I have done for myself so far.

Phorsicht Analog

Phorsicht Analog was a big journey for me. First, I bought some awesome-sounding synthesizers. Then I documented how I learned to play with them. After that, I made some jams and recorded them. Last I picked the most loved ones, made them even better and published them as an EP. Everything about my journey you can find here: Phorsicht Analog

Phorsätze 2012

Some very old tracks

If you want to listen to some very old tracks of mine, you can do that here: